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About me

I am a Sydney based photographer having a passion for capturing the human form. I do shoot in many different styles, however I prefer to capture intimate portraits that evoke genuine emotions from my subject.  While the body is quite wondrous in itself, for me it is the soul of the person living the human experience which is most beautiful to see and capture​ 

I am now legally blind with severe tunnel vision – hence why I call myself 'The Blind Guy'. However, I still use my remaining vision to capture truly divine bodies in some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth. The artistic nude within nature can be timeless art when it is executed to perfection. And the classical study of the figure, both male and female, is also a favored subject of artists for millennia. And contemporary 'super-colour' infra-red  photography capture false colour images of bodies in surreal and abstract environments. It is said that "The human body is the best work of art" (Jess C. Scott).

I truly hope that you enjoy and appreciate my photography of The Art of Body.

My vision with RP

Depending on age, a person with normal vision has a visual field of around 170°. 

A person is legally blind if their field is less than 10°. My field of view is about 4°.


Click the image to see what I see...

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