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My vision with RP

Depending on age, a person with normal vision has a visual field of around 170°. 


A person is legally blind if their field is less than 10°. My field of view is about 4°.


Click this image to see what I see...

"When we respect the nude, we no longer have any shame about it"

Robert Henri

I am a Sydney based photographer who recently discovered a passion for capturing the human form. I am happy to shoot any style, however I prefer capturing intimate black and white art nude images that evoke genuine emotion.


Unlike other photographers I am legally blind with tunnel vision. Photography is obviously more challenging for me so I am not a full time photographer. I will do both TFP and paid shoots with a set theme or style.

I am laid back, unrushed and undemanding, and I enjoy working collaboratively on projects, especially when people input their ideas into the images. If you are a model, photographer, designer, stylist, hair or make-up artist who wants to collaborate, feel free to contact me with any enquiry. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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